Welcome Chris Ballard!

art director chris ballard
Rock ‘n’ Roll Chris.

Chris Ballard encompasses a level of class, work ethic and pure creative talent unlike any other. As a creative individual his projects have ranged from multi-media brand identities, world class paintings, conceptual sculpture pieces in various gallery shows, to incredibly well thought and innovative motion graphics. His work has taken him to Hong Kong, San Francisco and New York to present to some of the world’s leading branding and design firms.

On top of that Chris Ballard possesses a very thoughtful, inquisitive and insightful demeanor. His knowledge and understanding of design has no doubt been inspired by his world travels and beautifully written observations of the external world around him.

Our past projects and collaborations with Chris have proven great success. So when nation wide financial advisory firm Eureka Capital came to us looking for an evolutionary brand campaign and a world class website, we knew Art Director Chris Ballard would be that perfect ingredient in making Eureka’s website dynamic, effective and world class.

The future holds great things for Sir Christopher Ballard; we see him bringing pivotal growth to not only Command Mass and our amazing clients, but to the entire industry as a whole. We celebrate Chris’s capacity and potential, and look forward to the greatness ahead!

So welcome Chris! ♥ Command Mass.

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