Eureka is a bi-coastal investment bank who came to us in need of a new corporate ID, and website. We became experts on issues regarding consumer perceptions of the finance industry, so that Eureka could directly answer these needs. We positioned them among their competitors, and then identified the traits that made them the most forward thinking force in their field. We came up with an evolutionary strategy to actualize their corporate philosophy, and then created an identity system to communicate these goals to their target audience.
The end result was a powerful new presence for Eureka – on the web, in print, and in the marketplace. This took the shape of an identity that answered the needs of it’s target consumers. Eureka got an evolutionary name change from ‘Eureka Capital Partners’ to simply ‘Eureka’, as well as a revised mission statement, and a new tagline. This permeated into a new logo with brand elements, a 60 page corporate style guide, and a fully optimized website with revolutionary functionality. See the website at