Flotsam and Jetsam was the interdisciplinary brainchild of Art Director Chris Ballard, which aimed to explore the question of how far the applications of brand ID could be pushed. It all started with a series of objects that he extracted in an archeological dig on a Southern California beach. The metal objects all served as the data for a larger study of information architecture and taxonomies, which was given the umbrella name of “Flotsam & Jetsam”. It was after organizing the data sets in different classification systems, that Chris realized that one could utilize the mediums of branding and packaging to completely re-contextualize the rusted remnants.
The end result was a unique brand identity for the findings, where they were labeled as “authentic artifacts of modern society”. The system permeated out into a series of package designs, which showcased the rugged beauty and the history of each artifact. When viewed under this light, emphasis was put on the fact that each of the objects was in fact one-of-a-kind, and a remnant from times past. The project would aim to illustrate the power of context in branding, and how there is unseen beauty in even the most overlooked objects.