Rise is a concept for a nonprofit energy company and think tank, founded by three Orange County entrepreneurs in 2009. The function of the business is to supply alternative energy to communities from green rooftop units, as well as spur innovation in sustainable technology. The energy from the rise outdoor units would displace the amount of energy taken off of the grid, and make participating cities more sustainable. The company needed not only a brand ID with collateral, but also a network ID for their online videos.
The umbrella concept was one of optimism, and innovation and took the form of a floating idea bubble. The outcome was a new identity that could appear balanced, and relatable in static form, but could take many forms in motion as well. The art direction took its shape in more hand drawn forms in certain instances, and vectorized forms in others. The balloon would celebrate the potential of innovation, and the grand idea that endures, as well as the countless attempts while on the road to an answer. Though project is still in the works with California legislators, it hopes to manifest one day in communities everywhere.