The Future of Search Engine Optimization

future of search engine optimization, semantic search engine optimization
when optimizing the elements contained in a cheeseburger, semantic google will identify you as a cheeseburger

In the past, traditional Search Engine Optimization involved ‘stuffing’ the keywords of your choice in as many places as possible (meta tags, descriptions, content, archives, anchor-text, alt tags, breadcrumbs, url names, title tags, post names, html tags, php files, redirects, headers, .jpg file names… I could go on forever…). The result would be a sufficient overload at ‘convincing’ search engine sites like Google that you deserved the number one spot on organic search results.

Given the massive growth of CMS open source products like WordPress (recent estimations suggests 8% of the web is WordPress -that quote came from Matt Mullenweg himself!) offering clean indexed content to Google and the power of SEO plug-ins like ‘SEO-All-in-One” and “XML Site-Map” (oops, I just put half of all SEO guys out of business!), the future of traditional Search Engine Optimization is facing eminent and certain death.

As Google continues to adapt semantic technologies, we at Command Mass are declaring right now the future of SEO: Semantic Search Engine Optimization. The diagram above represents this idea at its most basic form: Instead of ‘stuffing’ keywords in the traditional sense of SEO, we build content that optimizes the elements that make up your keyword. The final product is Semantic Google recognizing that ‘bread,’ ‘tomato,’ ‘lettuce,’ ‘meat,’ and ‘cheese,’ are the basic elements of a ‘cheeseburger.’ Compare a site that has the keyword ‘cheeseburger’ stuffed in it ten billion times to the comprehensiveness and thoroughness of our strategy- and the latter always comes out on top.

This approach works wonders in any industry or field. For a Real Estate Company we explore the elements that make up Real Estate (mortgages, loan modification, short sales, homes sales, etc.) and build the story of your brand while winning complete optimization in the eyes of Google. It’s an idea that revolutionizes cost while maximizing your brand as the comprehensive ‘expert’ on the internet.

If you are still paying for traditional SEO and arguing about the effectiveness of bread-crumbs and parameter/depths of your URLs, know that all of these will eventually fade out. What will remain is world class, transparent elements that Google will ultimately index and reference accordingly. If you are ready to take command of your market share, then its time we had a chat.

There is a whole new way of doing things, and Command Mass is leading the charge.

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