Amazing artists, designers, developers and creators, you all inspire me greatly! pic ♥ mr. haack

Tuesday at the studio: brilliant idea discussion with Tim Cully, followed by an informative phone call from our freight forwarders and an inspiring chat with the noble and valiant Scott Hunthausen (currently residing in Chile).

We just finished lunch and had a rad think tank with Sean Woolsey, and we are jumping into working out some insane websites and products for our current clients.

There is a feeling of excitement all around us. Perhaps its the coming of summer, or perhaps its something bigger that we are closing in on. I sat through our midday think tank and realized what a talented group of individuals I am surrounded by. All of them so brilliant in their own ways, all of them limitless, and all of them on the verge of being great.

There are some exciting developments and ideas happening down at the studio and a potential that is about to be realized. It is a privilege to be a part of.

Our door is always open, and you are always welcome.

♥ Command Mass

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  1. jim jims Says:

    love the work that these guys put out… the next generation of execute and deliver!

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