A Revolution is at Hand

The transparent revolution: the internet connects isolated incidents to create a new experience.

Those living during the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution or the American Revolution didn’t awake each morning with an exhilarating realization that they were living through a vital time that would forever change the course of human progression. Rather they, like the majority of us, awoke each day to face their various tasks of day to day existence, oblivious to the dawning of new world eras. It was never until years later, historians and scholars could look back to discern that great global shifts of thought had occurred in relatively intense short periods of time. These periods would be labelled ‘revolutions.’

In the past ten years, an intensive shift in human thought has been occurring on a global scale. Rapidly and tirelessly it is revolutionizing the world and will forever change the way people connect. This new revolution is occurring while we sleep, while we go to work, and otherwise while we remain oblivious to the drastic new age upon us. What is this new age? It is the age of ultimate connection, awareness and transparency.

The internet represents something unlike anything else in the history of the world. At just an infant, it has already managed to overthrow just about every form of traditional interaction among humans. It has obliterated or severely crippled industries like the newspaper, mail, the telephone and will not stop until it has consumed the television and made its way into every part of our future lives. This is not speculation, but fact. For the internet’s backbone is a universal language built on electric bytes of information that are not just translatable into words- but objects, elements, conversations and experiences that can be converted on any corner of the globe. The result is transparency on a global scale.

The proof is visible all around us. The birth of social and globally conscious companies like TOM shoes, 31 bits (our new client!), and Invisible Children are just the start. The ability to feel suffering or happiness from another corner of the globe is as easy as opening a web browser from a bedroom desk.

The internet is not just a trend but the reason and drive behind our expanding consciousness and awareness of the world around us. At Command Mass we are well aware of the ‘revolution’ at hand and are leading the charge in ushering in a new age of transparency, awareness, and connectivity among business and consumers. We welcome all into this bright new era.

‘the earth expanding right hand and left hand, the picture alive every part in its best light.’ -w

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