It’s a Language… Not Code.

code language
it’s much more than ‘code’

We at CMDmass are enormously passionate about our (X)HTML, CSS, php, and the countless ‘div’ classes and id’s they fall in… If you were to come on by in the early hours of the morning (why are all coders nocturnal???) You’d here the rapid ‘taps’ of typing usually accompanied by the latter 90′s beats of Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and sometimes the D.R.E. In fact we love our scripts so much that they are a language to us, not code… Isn’t that what all these scripts really are? A universal ‘hyper text’ language that can be run through any browser on the face of the Earth and still be interpreted the same…? in a way, these ‘languages’ define the first time in human history that we have invented a world-wide global communication device that is not just limited to communicating text- but pictures, elements, objects, designs- universally to any corner of this spinning globe… We’ve opted to make a movement at CMDmass to eradicate the term ‘code.’ It’s a language, and a very powerful one at that.

Is your business speaking our language?

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    [...] same code blocks developer can modify the HTML output dynamically likewise in simple asp pages. …Is Your Business Speaking our Language? | CMD MASSWe are wild about our HTML, CSS, and php scripts… That is why we are making a movement to [...]

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