Our Secret Strategy- Exposed.

secret strategy
visible signs of progression are everywhere. does your strategy mirror progression?

Up until about 3-5 years ago, it was sufficient for a business to just have a website on the internet. In those golden years, even clunky html ‘tabled’ websites and WYSIWYG sites would get companies acceptable exposure in that unknown world of ‘interweb.’

In the past couple years, the hundreds of millions of new websites and clean coded ‘css’ sites have followed the natural progression in taking precedence in the eyes of Google. The new way to get exposure was to invest in the art of “Search Engine Optimizing” your website, so that Google and other relevant search engines would take favor of you.

What we are seeing now is an over saturation of both clean coded websites (open source code is quickly dominating the web and making it possible for even the most novice blogger to simply ‘plug and play.’) and tools that make SEO a breeze (it used to be such a mystery as to what exactly you were paying your SEO guy 400 bucks a month to do…). Even the new version of CS5 and the amazing plug-ins being developed by the WordPress community are giving world class SEO tools to everyone.

So welcome to the new age of web. Clean validated code is universal, tables and WYSIWYGs are a thing of the past, and SEO is no longer secret meta codes in headers or just sitemaps. Companies can no longer compete by using the old methods.

Those who make it in the future will be the ones supplying world class transparent information and advice about their products and services. This new concept takes something very few companies have actually claimed: information.

Its out there, its everywhere. Its being passed along in newsletters, emails, facebook pages, blogs, instant messages and is powering the consumer world. At Command Mass we see the art of optimizing, branding and claiming world class information as the next level of what companies are going to be competing for in this new age. Our strategy is to capture that transparent information through SEO, blogs, video, newsletters, branding, style, design and convert that into loyal conversation that will take place over your products and services. It’s not just about internet presence anymore, it’s about being the information giver in the information age.

Its time that ‘information’ works for you.

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