Secret To Getting Rich

I want to tell you about a tool that will forever change your life, make you rich, allow you to work your dream job and turn your world completely upside down… But first, let me explain. For the last 10 million years or so (ever since our most primitive ancestors began to chisel tools from washed up whale bones to build hunting sticks and shelter) information has been the most valuable asset to human survival in our world of scarce resources. The blacksmith or the mason would pass along their valuable trade secrets generation after generation only to their offspring to ensure the ‘job security’ of their family. Terms like ‘unhappy with my current career choices’ or ‘looking for a new job’ didn’t exist; you valued the few secrets you knew because without them you and your family would starve… Information (job skills, cooking skills, shelter building skills) kept people alive. Now fast forward to the world we live in today, and I want to introduce you to a tool that can give you all the information you need to achieve whatever you could ever want out of life. This tool not only contains almost every byte of information ever conceived in human thought, but it’s also giving it away for FREE. You might have heard of it: Google. For anyone interested in becoming whatever they want to become, Google has abolished any borders to entry. That’s right… want to become an artist? Google it. Want to start a business? Google it. I could go on all day but the point is clear: there is access to ALL THE WORLD’s INFORMATION STREAMING RIGHT INTO YOUR BEDROOM. Hello??? There is no excuse to hating your job or being unfulfilled, for the first time in history you have full open access to every bit of information that is going to make you an expert at whatever YOU want to be an expert at (and not whatever your family line gave you to be an expert at). Be your own business! Take what you love, write your own plan, google how to build a website for yourself, google how to be your own accountant, google ideas to market your product, google consumer information, google to find people to help… Feeling a lack of confidence or security? google tips to build self-confidence. Feeling lack of motivation or amibition? google tips to get you going… I could go on, but you get the point. There is no argument, there is no excuse… for the first time in human history we actually live in an age where if you want something all you have to do is reach out and grab it (literally).

“This goes out to all my people starting businesses, doing what you love.” -new dork

…Oh yes, and having a social group to turn to is important to… You are always welcome to come to the studio to share inspiration, ideas, etc. Let’s build all sorts of million dollar businesses and party on a boat with P.Diddy next summer. Welcome to the brightest moment in human history.

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‘We debouch upon a newer mightier world, varied world,
Fresh and strong the world we seize!’ -ww

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