The ‘Semantic’ Brain

semantic brain, semantic search engine optimization
google crawls through information like your brain does

Our brains possess the mysterious and powerful capability to ‘crawl’ through our own experiences, knowledge, observations and awarenesses to produce a final outcome or product. As Google continues to grow into the Semantic Brain that it is becoming, it is ‘learning’ the capabilities to crawl through our ‘collective’ experiences, knowledges, observations, etc.. (you get the point). The same way I could ask you to think of all the homes you have ever seen and which was your favorite- is the same way Google is asked, every time we enter a search query…. You, might think back on your Grandmother’s old house, or the place you rented by the beach last summer, etc… Regardless your brain would dig through say a couple hundred rather quickly and subconsciously before jumping to the conclusion that your favorite was the time you saw that mansion in the Hampton’s. Google works the same way: you input a search query and it scours the globe in less than a second analyzing every byte of information that could potentially work for you- and then categorizing them from first place to last place. What I am getting at here is this: if you are a business, you need to be best friends with Google.

Does Google ever think of you?

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