Using Social Networking For Business

using social networking for business, how to use social networking tools for my business
A perfect example of utilizing Social Networking to connect with your consumers. (@TOMSshoepport)

Using Social Networking for business is not only a cost effective way to connect with an audience, it can also serve as a dynamic tool to transparently serve your customers. At TOMS shoes (an example we Love using), they utilize the free service of Twitter as a ‘customer service’ hotline. By posting the hours they are available (see above), TOMS transparently and cost effectively open themselves to assisting their customers’ needs. This revolutionary approach to using social networking for business not only empowers their customers to easily reach TOMS for any service needs, but also builds loyalty for their brand through open, honest, and transparent communication.

At Command Mass we seek out ways to use social networking to not only connect you to an audience; but to build cost effective, transparent lines of communication that build loyalty for your brand.

The ’1-800′ Customer Service Line, to elevator music hold, to call center in India combo move is dead. There will come a day very soon when your customers won’t tolerate it. Using Social Networking for business is the future.

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