Dear 31 Bits, We Love You.

the wonderful ladies at 31 Bits

31 Bits was started by four creative and innovative businesswomen in Orange County, CA. By combining their vision, creative drive and passion, these wonderful ladies built a fashionable business that provides desperate hope and financial independence to the women of war torn Uganda.

This is the type of transparency we are wild about at Command mass. When 31 Bits approached us looking for a comprehensive and ‘user-friendly’ eCommerce system to enable them to sell their products online, we had the expertise to make it happen; while designing it in such a way to accurately depict their companies brand, style and passion.

Since then, 31 Bits has partnered up with other businesses and organizations (most recently, Reef Sandals… you go girls!) to continue to raise awareness about their product and the dynamic hope they are bringing to the women in Uganda.

We cant talk enough about how much we love 31 Bits. Their vision, passion, and drive mixed with their growing and dynamic presence on the internet will no doubt make their brand and products world famous; while bringing hope and lasting change to an area of the world in desperate need.

Keep rocking ladies! In the near future 31 Bits envisions a partnership with local NGO’s to initiate and fund community based projects to directly benefit those in Uganda seeking hope and freedom. Command Mass will be right there making sure 31 Bits has an efficient eCommerce store front and a dynamic global presence on the internet. Is your company or brand ready to go global?

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2 Responses to “Dear 31 Bits, We Love You.”

  1. Jim Jims Says:

    great stuff. really dig this brand and what they do. i wear their stuff to bed every night…!

  2. Drew Dolinski Says:

    Good read, thank you.

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